Good vs Good

How do you make a decision between 2 good things?  How do you know when something is really good?  Is it really good for you?  Is it really good for others?  Are you doing the thing to make yourself feel better, or is it really benefitting someone else?  How do you know when the good deed, task, job, or work you were doing that was helping another is no longer doing them any good but enabling them? Crippling them; keeping them from the opportunity of learning, growing, or functioning on their own?  How do you know when too much of a good thing is a bad thing?  You don’t.  So when is enough enough? It’s like watching two good guys fight.  You are cheering for both of them.  They are both heroes, winners, important.  Your choices are the same.  Two good guys.  The pros and cons idea won’t work because they are the same, all pros.  Let’s pick some specific things.  Volunteering, helping friends in a tough time, meeting with friends for personal fun and relaxation, family date nights to name a few.  Your list could be completely different but I bet you have a list.  Something that you know has to go but you can’t convince yourself why.  The point is, at least you know something has to go.  Why do we feel like we need to justify it or explain it or apologize?  It’s just time to let it go.  In a world of new and improved, get the latest greatest version of anything, why can’t we just pass something on or let it go without feeling guilty.  By all means, keep your word on commitments you’ve already made, don’t just up and quit, but seriously start making your exit strategy.  Start training your replacement, write down what you do, delegate someone else to do it. It could be laundry, Thursday morning carpool, baseball coach the all-star travel team, or chairperson of the highest committee known to man.  LET IT GO! It’s not what you need, right now, anymore, and maybe someone else NEEDS to do it at this point, for this time.  You know what it is. LET IT GO.  Its not a thing either, like your grandmothers favorite quilt, your old car, or 25 books you’ll never read.  It’s a thing you do.  Maybe it is so good that no one even knows you do it.  Maybe it’s a bad habit, bad friend, good job, or good deed.  If you don’t let it go while it is still good, no one else will want it.  Be grateful for what you have learned, don’t expect anything for it and wait; just wait, before you pick something else up.