Seriously?  I have been trying for weeks to get back on track after gaining 20 pounds from foot surgery.  It was 3 months of holiday eating and feeling sorry for myself in a cast.  Please explain why would I go to the gym and then walk out the door and the first thought that comes to my mind is “I deserve ice cream”.  I mean, I really haven’t been eating ice cream every day to gain the 20 pounds.  I usually go for the rich decadent desserts, buttery waffles, and heavy sauces and toppings smothering my otherwise healthy vegetables. Then I remembered, at a potluck the other night, I had ice cream.  Now; after not eating ice cream for a couple of weeks, it was the most important thought in my mind.  So from the gym I quickly pulled into one of the large DIY stores and found some more plants to buy for my garden.  A distraction.  A much better idea than ice cream.  The day before that, while at the gym, I was miserable the whole time dreading every rep and machine but was inspired by watching a lady teach her friend how to do a weight lifting routine.  When I left, there was no thought of ice cream. I actually thought that it would be easier the next time I came.  What happened from one day to the next?   Bad ideas come into my mind just as easy as creative, intelligent and smart ones.  I was caught off guard by temptation.  It was sad, scary, frustrating, annoying.  But at the same time, it motivated me to kick temptation’s butt!!  My victory was short lived. After eating a healthy dinner that night I sat down, put my feet up and ate cookies.  Ugghh. What’s the point?  There’s a sign by an elliptical machine I used today it says, “Don’t throw in the towel, use it to wipe off the sweat then keep on going.”  Guess what?  I’ll be back at the gym tomorrow.    

DeAnne Dwight