where freedom comes from

The word freedom is from a small group I was involved in 15 years ago about "finding your purpose".  One of the last lessons was about creating your own life "vision statement".   Something that focused you, something you could remember, and something that would help others remember you.  Mine was freedom.  Each letter stands for something that helps keeps me focused and defines my purpose.  F-fellowship, R-restoration, E-encouragement, E-education, D-discipleship, O-oneness, M-mentoring. 

Fellowship, being around others, really getting to know them.  Restoration, helping others find their own purpose.  Encouragement, speaking to others about hope and the foundation it builds.  Education, teaching others about how values spiritual principles can guide their lives.  Discipleship-standing with others while they experience personal growth.  Oneness-coaching people how to get along with others.  Mentoring-influencing others to be the leaders they are capable of being.  It may seem like a lot but actually it eliminates a great deal. What am I doing that can help someone else?   Freedom comes from what I don’t have to do.  Freedom comes from doing what I can.