Little Things

My blog is really just about sharing life’s lessons. Life’s lessons which usually come from embarrassing moments, annoying pets, too many chores, and not enough time.  Today; I locked my keys in the car.  This lesson is not about how frustrated I was at how long it took the lock out service to come, or the appointments I missed, or the sweet crew of guys on their lunch break who actually helped me, or the fact my husband drove across town to be my hero for no appreciation from me whatsoever.  It’s about how it happened in the first place.  I have recently relinquished carrying a purse after using crutches for 3 months.  Today I was going into a restaurant to eat lunch between appointments and was going to journal, blog, read, and need glasses to read the menu or anything.  I decided to pack a little bag to go into the restaurant.  When I realized I would only have time to eat, I changed my mind, grabbed the phone/wallet combo out of the bag and got out of the car.  You know the feeling of slow motion agony when you hear the door actually seal shut and you know…you just know, the keys are in the car.  Why do I try to complicate things?  Why did going into the restaurant suddenly become such an ordeal?  It probably explains my continual struggle with food.  Why couldn’t I just enjoy and savor lunch? People watch? Look at the beautiful mountain view on a warm spring day?  It’s a constant battle.  Overdoing it.  Of the 4 things I planned, none of them would have been complete. None of them would have gotten my full attention. It’s easy to forget that even the little things are worth giving it all you have. The rest of the day I will focus on focusing, going slower, being deliberate, intentional, and prepared.  Little things do matter. 

DeAnne Dwight