Puppy Love

I was reading this morning not to let your own personal disappointment or personal goals stop you from praying for others. Don’t be so busy or so distracted that you can’t help another.  You could look at it like don’t let your bad day ruin someone else’s.  It reminded me of yesterday morning.  I was meeting someone very early for something having nothing to do with work, not a doctor’s appointment, and not the gym.  Okay, someone was meeting me at a coffee shop to help me figure out this whole how to make your own web page thing.  It probably explains why, for once, I left on time.  My husband was actually surprised at why I was leaving so early to get somewhere that was only 5 minutes away.  The truth is, I “felt” like I had to leave early.  That nudge from inside that you are sure is not you because under no circumstances would I be early on my own accord (I kind of get a thrill out of getting to places exactly on time).  I just felt like it was time to go. 

I was only about 2 blocks from my house when I saw them.  A little boy and a little girl.  The little girl clearly yelling at her older brother and the little boy standing there with his backpack on a dog dangling barely under his arms.  The little girl was pointing across the street.  It was obvious that was their dog too.  First, I was shocked at their age, they seemed to be between 5-8 years old at the most.  It was rush hour in our little neighborhood and I assumed they were going to school.  I couldn’t resist but to turn around.  I tried talking to them through the window but both of them were trying to explain at the same time and the dog was getting squirrely.  I begged the little girl to put the dog in the car.  She did but the pup wasn’t having it.  I begged her to get in.  Like a good little kid, she wasn’t having it either.  I finally put on my flashers and got out.  We made a plan.  I reminded them emphatically that I knew they shouldn’t get in the car with me but this is the plan and I wanted to help.  They both agreed.  Sister and I took pup #1 home, brother captured pup #2, we delivered them home to a shocked older sister who was merely worried they would miss the bus andI put the kids back in the car and drove them 2 more blocks to the bus stop.  That little girl was willing to sacrifice who knows what to get her puppies home safe.  She didn’t care about the bus, she certainly didn’t care about her brother’s ideas, and she got in a car with a stranger.  I have dogs and I love them but I am not sure what I would give up for them.  At first all I could think about was my good deed that I did but it was nothing in comparison to hers.  Then I was so grateful that I actually left early when I “felt” like I had to.  I don’t know how that would have ended if I hadn’t helped them, I’m just glad it ended with me. Don’t be so busy or bummed that you miss that nudge from inside to be at the right place at the right time. 

DeAnne Dwight