Starting a Blog

Trying to start a blog, or a website, or completing a research paper, or buying a good quality product; it all takes time. Doing research into the best site, easiest to use vacuum, reading and scouring hundreds of pages of data, experimenting with layouts, fonts and designs. It all takes time. You can spend hours and days "researching" something and still have nothing to show for all your hard work.

Well, at least nothing to show others. In the meantime, you know what you have accomplished even if it is eliminating things you DON'T want. You know how much progress you have made by adding sections, learning about editing, price comparing to save money. It all takes time. In the end; your planning, your preparation, your research, will produce a far better product, a better decision, a more informed you.

Time is truly priceless yet it is the most valuable thing we have whether we are sharing it, wasting it, or using it wisely to make difficult decisions, finish big projects, or just be with those we care about the most. I have spent a lot of time writing; Pages and pages, hours and hours.

I pray that I write things that will earn the respect of you spending your cherished time reading. May it provoke you to start new things, stop bad habits, learn from my mistakes, and challenge you to grow, shed a tear, or share with a friend. As I write things, I literally picture myself sitting at the kitchen table, or under my favorite shade tree, or poolside on a hot summer day talking with a friend. Hello Friend. May you enjoy what you read and may it be worthwhile.

DeAnne Dwight